Offering your visitors a well-managed welcome not only impresses them, but also offers you security and control. This makes it all the more important that processes behind the scenes function and complement each other perfectly.

With its three applications for visitor registration and management, on-screen greeting (vistraxWelcome) and database configuration (vistraxAdmin), the vistrax software package optimally covers the requirements of all users, from IT administrators to reception staff. vistrax is multi-client capable and comes with support for english and german language.

Security management


Visitor management

  • Quick check-in and check-out:
    • Preparation of visitor data and papers in advance
    • Verfiy and confirm visits with digital signatures by using customizable checklists
    • Use of a barcode scanner
    • Use of a signature pad (WACOM, Signotec)
    • Use of quick check-in mode (shortens the check-in process tutorial)
    • Access to previously logged visitor and staff data from the central database
    • 1-click check-in and check-out of previously logged visitors
    • Access to visitor data from the overview lists of all checked-in, prepared and checked-out visits
    • Photos taken with a webcam (incl. automatic image cropping)
  • Intuitive operation (process wizards tutorial)
  • Access to stored media data
  • Support for CTI / TAPI – telephone connections can be made directly from the software
  • Coordinated access to data across the company and its departments via flexible configuration of roles and access rights
  • Efficient task allocation thanks to multiple user functionality
  • Data export of visitors and companies master data in XML, JSON and PDF via user interface or automatable by MS-DOS command line call
  • Export of photos and logos


Corporate design

  • Create individually tailored visitor documents in just a few minutes
  • Basic design of visitor badges and passes:
    • Customization of included templates
    • Use of included or import of individual templates
    • Integration of logos, colors and fonts
    • Optional barcode printing (visit-no.)
    • Use of included paper formats and types
  • Individual design:
    • Definition of individual paper formats and types
    • Creation of individual templates through XML-based syntax
    • Library of content markers for different pieces of information
  • Media data can be easily imported and exported


Print management

  • Visitor data will be stored in a structured manner in the system and stays confidential, according to the regulations of the data protection law
  • No more hand-written or improvised visitor badges and papers; quick and professional handling of visitors is guaranteed even if they arrive unexpectedly
  • Provision of comprehensive printer management, flexible print options for visitor papers:
    • Printing time of visitor passes independent on visit scheduling
    • Printing optionally via Windows® standard printer or specialized hardware
    • Features template selection, definition of individual paper formats, duplex and multi-page printing and printing of cutting markers
    • Print on either DIN paper, specialized paper or conventional commercial labels (label fields can be selected individually)
    • Bundled support for Durable 142702, 142802, 142902, 145102, 145302, 145402, 145502, 145602, 145702, 146202 and Avery Zweckform C32024, C32026
    • WYSIWYG 1:1 print preview


On-Screen greeting

  • Fully automatic after check-in
  • Various greeting display periods (i.e. 15 minutes after check-in)
  • Visitor greeting can optionally take place at defined entrances
  • Individual design:
    • Diverse presentation forms including individual greeting of specific visitors and tabulated greeting of multiple visitors simultaneously
    • Display of any background images
      (12 for free to download as add-on)
    • Integration of logos, colors, fonts and videos
    • Greeting one or more visitors simultaneously
    • Optional photo display
    • Use of effects such as dissolves and zooms
    • Can be easily customized to match your corporate design
  • Projection area can be rotated in 90° steps
  • Fluid, jitter-free animations thanks to desktop technology
  • Display of slideshows or videos as a background and during standby
  • Standby operation continues even in the event of network failure
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET 4/WPF/C# available upon request allows individual programming of customer-specific projections


System integration

  • Installation in a few minutes (tutorial)
  • Multi-workstation capable
  • An internet connection is not required to run the client-software, vistrax is not a ‘Software As a Service’-solution in the cloud
  • Existing Microsoft SQL Server database can be used
  • vistrax-databases can be installed, configured and migrated by using the included software vistraxAdmin
  • Use at different locations with different time zones is possible, because of time-zone neutral data management (UTC-0)
  • Reduced network traffic because of intelligent media data caching
  • Support for Active Directory Service / LDAP
  • Regular updating via software update service
  • Custom extension programming on request